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Why should you choose PSDA’s LEOSA Self-Defense Plan?

Do you know?

    • Most homeowners' policies don’t cover the use of a firearm for self-defense – regardless of
    • You are financially liable for all legal costs or judgments resulting from its use.
    • The average cost of defending a civil action is more than $40,000.

How can you protect your rights - and your assets?

Public Servants Defense Agency (PSDA) provides affordable, comprehensive insurance from Lloyds of London to protect you if you are subjected to legal action due to the use of a gun for self- defense. Learn how our company has protected the rights of law enforcement officers from CIA, FBI, TSA, and other law enforcement agencies.

Why should you choose the PSDA LEOSA Self-Defense Plan?

 • Premiums start as low as $250 per year for a $100,000 limit of liability; a $250,000 limit option is also
 • Policy provides both legal defense and indemnity protection.
 • Expert legal counsel provided in the event a civil suit is brought against you as a result of your use of a       firearm in self-defense.
 • Reimbursement of legal defense expenses (subject to a sub-limit) in the event criminal charges are ...
...brought against you.  A portion of these funds are provided in advance to assist in retaining counsel.
 • Low policy deductible.



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