The Public Servant’s Defense Agency (PSDA) has recently broadened coverage available to retirees allowed to carry firearms under the Law Enforcement Officer’s Safety Act (LEOSA).  As a result of this product enhancement, PSDA’s LEOSA Self-Defense Plan provides both defense and indemnity protection in the event of a covered loss.
“Our agency constantly elicits feedback from our current and prospective policyholders regarding the products PSDA offers,” states Glenn Clark, CPCU and President.  “We utilize this input as a gauge to measure the extent to which our offerings respond to the needs of the marketplace.  The responses received from retired Law Enforcement officers indicated that some modifications needed to be made the product designed to address their unique coverage needs.”
“PSDA’s LEOSA Self-Defense Plan has been enhanced to include indemnity protection”, continues Glenn.  “The product already provides expert legal defense in the event of a covered loss.  If the verdict goes against the policyholder, we will also pay judgments or settlements dictated by the court – including punitive or exemplary damages.  Obviously, these payments are subject to the policy’s limit of liability”.

The LEOSA Self-Defense Plan offers liability limit options of $100,000 and $250,000.  All retirees authorized to carry firearms under the Law Enforcement Officer’s Safety Act of 2004 are eligible for the coverage.
Associations, Benevolent Organizations, or other groups interested in partnering with PSDA as a way to benefit their membership should contact Glenn Clark.  Mr. Clark can be reached by phone at 888-304-1201 or via e-mail at

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